There is nothing new.
Cartography have been represented for more than 8200 years.

The splendid technological evolution of the last decades has allowed us to have confidence with the globe.
In few seconds, we can spin it on a web page more than it has done in the last two weeks.

The same evolution has allowed us to travel like no other generation has ever been able to imagine. We are all Marco Polo today, but


We rarely stop to think where we have really been.

The desire to approach, possess, admire and therefore remember the places we have seen or would like to see, has prompted me to rework, redesign and force these maps.

On paper, all places have the same rights. Borders summarize their true dimension, lines drawn on boundless lands.

The Nomenclatures are themselves, a deed of ownership over nature, the symbol of man's occupation.

Precisely for this reason, the freedom to draw boundaries and choose names is completely Imaginary.

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